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The DivineLife Dating Coach is dedicated to lighting the path to transformation of the dating experience into a Divine one by elevating and evolving the conversation around challenges to enlighten and provide solutions.  Too often we becoming stuck in the thinking that created our discomfort, it is a new MindSet that is required to make the change!  She is passionate about helping people create a Life they Love, and attract the Love they Desire.


A Community

Dating is considered to be a very social and fun activity but, ironically, online dating can be a very lonely and frustrating activity between you and your device screen.  The process is often characterized by uncertainty and sheer exhaustion from the seemingly endless choices and undesireable connections...No fun at all!

YANA! You are not alone!  DivineLife Dating is a community of single men and women that share the desire to attract that special person and "Have fun on the Way to The One!"  Discussion both online and at offline events, serve to provide a better understanding of the challenges and solutions for modern dating. 

Everyday more and more men and women are getting [the attractive mindset] for Love, and creating their own Divine Dating Experience.  Are you ready for yours?

what's the 20/80 rule of dating?




So many people say that dating is too much "work" and "no fun".  Follow The DivineLife Dating Coach and get sneak peaks on the latest videos, commentary on related news and articles, as well as announcements on upcoming events.  Tune in and start creating your DivineLife Dating Experience.

dating should be fun!

So many people say that dating is too much "work" and "no fun".  The truth is that dating, whether online or offline, can be very challenging!  The exciting news is that it really is possible to have a Divine Dating Experience armed with the right MindSet and Strategy.  Hear what people are talking about and the DivineLife Dating Coach's advice!