Karen Webster,                                 The DivineLife Dating Coach

Karen Webster,                           

The DivineLife Dating Coach

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Those that are close to me, know me as a serial entrepreneur with several business interests, or maybe as the “the jewelry lady” for my long career in the fashion jewelry industry as well as a Daughter, Sister, Auntie, God Mother, BFF, Friend, Business partner, Single woman and now COACH…which brings us to why you are reading this.

I am often asked how I came to be a dating coach and while there is no real short answer, I can say that it is based on my core passions of problem solving and helping people.  I became single again in my late 40's and asked myself “what now”? I was optimistic about my future, but did it include a mate?  Dating, online dating to be exact, was the way to find out.  After all, this was exactly what I had eagerly encouraged my single friends to do when I was married – so I had no choice but to walk the talk! 

Talking is one thing, walking is another!  What I encountered was a very new and different world from the one I had known in my 30's when I was last single.  A lot of head scratching and many false starts would characterize my first 8 months.  Many of the other single people I knew were having similar experiences and it seemed that we were all rolling around in the problem with no solutions in sight.  Did I say I was a problem solver?!  I believed that there must be some way to crack the code and find a way to enjoy the experience, and there was!

My Approach

It started on the road less traveled...

It was much less traveled, and I understood why more did not take it.  It can be uncertain, exploring new and exciting paths, however, equally rewarding arriving at the Divine Dating Experience.  As soon as I arrived at mine, I started problem solving on how to share this with other people.  Words are critical, but what I found to be equally important was some guidance, the holding of hands and light in moving through the process as it is tested and it and grows in the confidence of its power. 

A popular approach to success in the dating world is to find out what “most men/women” want and then go about figuring out how to become that, change yourself, to attract more people.  Value on Quantity.

My approach is to help Men and Women "Turn on their Light" by discovering their own unique perfection and changing the way that they see themselves!  Understanding that confidence in their authentic Light is what will attract desirable people to them.  Value on Quality!

Are you ready to get [the attractive MindSet] for Love?